Sunday, June 17, 2012

2000 Miles!

This weekend, we went to the GERA endurance ride in Dawsonville Forest in GA. Tanna and I entered the 50 on Friday. We rode all day with Bogey and Joe, which is always fun.

We shared a vet check area with Dr. Ike Nelson, who rode Spiderman in the 25 mile ride on Friday to a 2nd place finish and BC! Yay! By the end of the ride, the feed and hay was so mixed up, Tanna and Bogey were actually eating their own food, probably because they didn't realize it was theirs! :)

We completed in 9 hours, 17 minutes ride time in 33rd place (34th really, there was one rider that elevated from the LD to the 50 and thus got completion only). Tanna and I got our 11th turtle (tortoise, really, as Dr. Megan Davis pointed out at our completion exam; tortoises are land based; turtles are water based!) and our 11th ride with Joe. :)

I'm so so proud of Tanna! 10 years, 38 endurance starts, 36 endurance completions, 2000 miles. All of those rides together. I have the same miles he does. Praise God for a great 10 years. :)

PS. I would love to do a longer ride story and I might do that later, but wanted to get this out there. I'm so proud!

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