Sunday, February 26, 2012

Yet again, I have gone months without an update. So here's an update for those of you on the edge of your seats. :)

Skymont was a much anticipated trip. This was the first opportunity for me to attend this ride and Rinnah was finally coming to do her first LD! The weather was nice for the first day we were there, but turned rainy and colder the day before the ride, prompting blankets for the horses. Jean, Rinnah and Lillie arrived mid-day on Thursday and we signed in.

Unfortunately, as we were preparing to take the horses to the vet in, Serts had an incident and ended up injuring one of his back legs. Not badly, but enough to prevent him from vetting in and starting the ride. Rinnah was out again.

I switched from the LD to the 50 and rode Tanna by myself the next morning. We had a decent ride. He tried valiantly, but conditions were against us and Tanna did not complete the final vet exam. He had a hind end lameness that was likely caused by the uneven footing combined with the cold and wet.

Rinnah spent the day chatting with others in camp, while Jean and Lillie assisted me at every check. It was a cold and rainy day and I was happy to have their help.

Due to Serts and Tanna both being injured and the ground being a soggy trampled muddy mess, Daniel and I decided to head out Friday evening as we were only a couple hours from home. Tanna was sound by Sunday. Serts was never lame on his leg and he healed without complications.

I had their shoes pulled shortly after Skymont and allowed them to run barefoot for a few months.

This past week, my farrier, Tony, came out and put shoes back on Tanna and Serts and gave Snap a trim. Time to start conditioning for some late April rides. :-) Rinnah will, once again, be training for a ride on April 22. Is the 3rd time the charm??

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Caitlin said...

You were at Skymont, where? I went there though I suppose everyone looked the same after tramping through the mud for days. If your thinking about late spring rides what about Land Between Lakes? That's up near you and everyone I talk to says it's one not to miss.