Monday, June 13, 2011

Worked Snap in the round pen for about an hour. About 86°, 34% humidity. Did round pen work for about 17 minutes. He was dripping sweat by then. Had some trouble with controlling speed. He went too fast when traveling to the right.

After getting him to focus on me, I massaged him firmly from head to rump and under his belly. Pulled some ticks from his inner thighs. He did really well.

Worked on picking up his hind legs (Picking Up Feet by John Lyons). He would rest the right hind pretty well and we progressed to me being able to pick up the hoof several inches and do 10 small circles and then set it down. The left hind foot almost never rested on the toe. Occasionally Snap would have very little weight on it and by rotating his hock, I could get him to rest it a bit more, but only was able to pick it up twice for a second at a time.

Pleased with his focus on me. Following me, moving his hindquarters over when I asked, not crowding me much. He never once offered to kick, although he did get frustrated with me especially near the end when he couldn’t figure out what I wanted with the left hind leg trying to get him to rest it.

Finished the training session with some leading and then let him go.

Tanna spent about 10 minutes of the session watching from the other side of the round pen. Jealous??

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