Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring Rides

Usually I do a ride story for each ride I go on, but this time time has slipped away from me and I don't have a ride story from any of the last 3 rides I was supposed to do. I say that because we only got to go to one of the rides.

Chicken Chase. First time to miss this ride in 8 years. :-( However, we made the choice based on the weather forecast of strong storms on the day I was going to ride. So we opted out. Turned out it was a blessing as one of our kitties had a horrible clot in his back the afternoon we were going to leave. We had to say good-bye to our sweet Miner cat. If we'd gone to CC, we would have missed being with him at his last moments as surely he would have died before we returned.

Broxton Bridge - Spring Edition. This ride we did get to go to!! We spent a week at Broxton Bridge with Joe Schoech, Susan Kasemeyer and DeeDee Huff. We worked on the trails again. Our little dog, Kelsey, went with us and had her first exposure to the world of endurance. She did great. Coming with us to mark trail and learning how to meet lots of people and dogs and horses.

We did not get to take Snap to BB due to a mix-up with his health certificate, but that was a blessing. We left him home with Serts and when we got back, Serts and Snap were very buddy buddy. So now we have a harmonious herd! Yay!!!

Friday at BB, I rode Tanna in the 50. We had a great ride. Spent 6 hours on trail, another extra hour in the vet checks for a total of 7 hours ride time. The weather was rather spotty. Some rain, some humidity, but cooler than it had been.

Of course, I spent money at Running Bear. I picked up a new helmet to replace my old one and finally got a sheepskin saddle cover. The full deluxe model. Hope that will be very nice for my further adventures.

Land Between the Lakes. This was our next scheduled ride. This ride was cancelled due to excessive rain on the trail and in the Wrangler's Camp. We were looking forward to having Dr. Ike Nelson return this ride to the calendar, but understood the reasons for the cancellation.

So the best laid plans might have gone awry, but we're all happy, healthy and together. What more could one ask?