Friday, August 13, 2010

Hot Summer

It has been steamy here lately. I have been very hesitant to ride Tanna as I am afraid of the heat. Reading an article in the Endurance News that talks about horses dying from heat stroke surely doesn't encourage me to get out there and ride!

However, I'm so happy to interact with him every day. He's very perky and such a sweetheart. I do look forward to riding him when the heat/humidity lets up a bit.

Poor Serts sweats just standing in the pasture, so I don't ride him either. The boys are definitely getting a break right now. I hose Serts off a couple times a week and while he startles when I start doing it, he seems to enjoy it after getting used to it. Silly Tanna edges over and tries to play in the spray as well.

I have no plans to compete the rest of the year. I plan to ride some this fall and bring Tanna back (hopefully) for our signature ride, Chicken Chase, next spring. We are, of course, planning our normal fall trip to Yellowhammer to help out and we'll take both horses for me to hack around on while Daniel takes pictures.