Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Training Progress

Sunday, I had a good training ride on Serts. We went 19 miles in 3 hours 40 minutes. Slow, but steady. Serts did great. I kept his HR under 135 for the most part. He did really well. His post-ride trot out was energetic and his CRI was good. When I turned him loose in the paddock and took Tanna out, Serts took several fast turns around the paddock, protesting me taking Tanna. Very nice to see him have lots of energy left. So next week, we will head for Chicken Chase and Serts will be entered in the 25 mile distance on Sunday, April 19.

Tanna and I did a quick 2 hour ride, also. He is ready and will be entered in the 55 mile distance on Friday, April 17.

Both horses get new shoes tomorrow and camper packing will commence this coming Sunday. What fun!

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