Friday, February 06, 2009

First Training Ride of 2009

Yes, after weeks of slacking, I finally decided the 55+ degree sunny weather was perfect for a training ride on Sunday, February 1.

Tanna wasn't so sure, as he was sunning himself!

Resting in the warm sun

But I insisted and after awhile, we were saddled, helmeted and ready to ride! (He really wasn't too bad. He seemed eager for training to begin again.)

Ready to ride

We headed down the road for a nice training ride at a relaxing pace.

Off to ride

After 2 hours and 12 miles, we returned. Our communication was slightly off, but it was so nice to have a quiet ride with my buddy.

Back from riding.

Serts was also quite happy to have Tanna return!

Greeting each other after returning from a ride.

This weekend promises more beautiful weather and I'm planning to get some horse time in on Sunday.