Monday, August 04, 2008

Keeping Tanna in Shape

I cannot walk or ride yet, but Tanna needs some exercise to keep him in shape for going to the 100 mile ride in October. Since Tanna is a wild child, I won't ask any of my friends to ride him. I could never bear it if he flipped out and they got hurt. Tanna does quite well for me because he trusts me and we have been together for over 7 years.

So Daniel put up our round pen, tied Tanna to the trailer and stood back to watch and take pictures as I put Tanna through a workout.

I carefully scooted down the porch steps and got on our riding lawn mower parked at the bottom. I drove to the trailer and untied Tanna. I thought he would object to being led by lawn mower, but he did beautifully.

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I led him into the RP.

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After closing the RP gate, I picked up my lunge whip leaning against the panels, unhooked Tanna and drove into the middle of the pen. I turned off the mower and fed Tanna a sugar cube.

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Next, it was time to work.

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Periodically, I asked Tanna to change direction. It was quite a challenge communicating without freedom of movement. He wanted to understand, but he didn't sometimes.

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What would a workout be without a couple of Garmin Forerunners along for the fun? Tanna had my 305 strapped to his halter to record his distance. I had my 405 on my wrist, keeping track of how long he went in each direction and how long the workout was in total.

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Here is a nice wide angle shot of the round pen.

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Tanna definitely had an attitude, but he was so good.

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After we were done, I slipped off Tanna's halter and let him out into the pasture. He had gone 3 miles in the RP. We will repeat this process 2-3 times a week until I can ride again. It should be enough to keep him in shape until I can get back on. Thanks to Angie for the idea and the encouragement. :)

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