Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunday, I went out for a ride with Angie and Debra. We rode a good portion of the Trace trail in preparation for Trace Tribute in a few weeks. We rode about 25 miles. I used my Abetta saddle with an Equipedic pad. I was hoping that would help the saddle. Unfortunately, about 20 miles into the ride, Tanna began showing signs of back pain and sure enough when I got the saddle off, his back was sore.

So after a lot of research (which I'd already started), I ordered a Specialized Trailmaster saddle from Carol Brand at Lost Juniper Ranch. Due to a long wait, I paid the rush fee and hope to have my saddle by Trace Tribute. So now the wait begins.

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KSLongrider said...

Just wondering whether you'd received your new saddle and how it was working out? I'm in that getting ready to buy a saddle mode now.