Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunday, I went out for a ride with Angie and Debra. We rode a good portion of the Trace trail in preparation for Trace Tribute in a few weeks. We rode about 25 miles. I used my Abetta saddle with an Equipedic pad. I was hoping that would help the saddle. Unfortunately, about 20 miles into the ride, Tanna began showing signs of back pain and sure enough when I got the saddle off, his back was sore.

So after a lot of research (which I'd already started), I ordered a Specialized Trailmaster saddle from Carol Brand at Lost Juniper Ranch. Due to a long wait, I paid the rush fee and hope to have my saddle by Trace Tribute. So now the wait begins.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I have discovered that my Abetta endurance saddle no longer fits Tanna as nicely as it used to. Turns out the saddle is bridging now. Just a bit, but enough to cause a bit of loin soreness after a good training ride.

So on our training ride on Sunday after all the trail work, I tried out my Equipedic pad. I bought this pad a couple years ago, but hadn't ever really used it. Just had it around. The training ride on Sunday was just under 14 miles and I was pleased that Tanna had no loin soreness. So the next step is a 25 mile training ride at a good average speed to see if the pad is enough to make the difference.

Even if the pad will work in the short-term, I have begun wanting a Specialized Saddle. Several of my friends have ordered this saddle and so I have been researching the saddle and Daniel and I are impressed with the concept and the notion that I can change the fit of the saddle as my horse changes. So at some point in the hopefully near future, I will be demoing one of these saddles for myself.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Today, Daniel and I went out to the Natchez Trace for work detail with several other volunteers. We were spread out all over the Trace, removing logs from the trails and getting them ready for Trace Tribute next month.

The trails look good and we even got done in time to go riding and check out some of our own handywork!

Thanks to all the volunteers that help keep the trails nice and passable!

Angie and David Fura
Eva de Paulis
Roger Barrett
Josefine Vaught
Ed Kidd
Beth O'Keeffe
Judy and Doug Sandlin
Camille Riley
Debra LaComette
Chris Toscano
Daniel Johnson

And an extra special thanks to Chris for feeding us during our work detail!