Tuesday, October 30, 2007

100 mile preparation

Last week I did the Spook Run 50 on Friday. Tanna did very well. At the end, he was very energetic and ready for more. A very good feeling when I'm trying to get him ready for our first 100 in a few months.

My personal goal at Spook Run and Yellowhammer a few weeks before was to take care of myself. To eat at the vet checks. I drink water fairly well on trail, so don't need help there. Just before Yellowhammer, I discovered mustard potato salad in 3 oz single serving containers. For some reason, this hits the spot with me at a hold. I also drank 8 oz of a protein drink (Bolthouse Farms). Throw in some chips and some hot chocolate and I was ready for the next loop.

I hope this all works at the 100! I plan to have some other choices at FITS. Crackers and cheese, frosted poptarts, veggie hot dogs. I'm also toying with the idea of using my lunch hold to make a grilled cheese sandwich (or have my crew make me one...).

Our planned 100 is the Fun In The Sun (FITS) ride in FL in March 2008. We are planning to go down to Powwow a month before FITS for a primer 50. Between now and Powwow, I plan to get several conditioning rides in, including some night rides on the local trails.

My biggest concern for FITS is the deep sand. Flat doesn't concern me. Pacing (after the first loop) doesn't concern me. Riding alone is not an issue. Riding at night sounds more like an adventure than a worry. But I still worry about the deep sand. My plan is canter the deep sand unless it goes on forever, in which case, I'll mix up the gaits to use different muscles. Another worry is that my horse will just quit on me after x miles, but I'll not know that until I actually take him to that point.

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Katie said...

well done for the Spook Run! I saw the pics it looked great. Good luck for your 100!