Sunday, September 16, 2007

Abscess Update

Tanna is finally sound and running around the pasture like a little maniac. He is a very personable horse.

His heel bulbs are having trouble heeling. I have been putting Trail Rite ointment on them, but they seem to look just as bad today as several days ago. When applying the ointment to the heel bulbs, I had been wiping off the excess on a small cut on his hock. I noticed this morning that that small cut hasn't healed and it should have. In fact, that cut is rawer and larger than it was. I immediately washed off the pink stuff I had just applied and squirted the bulbs with betadine.

Perhaps I was putting the pink stuff on too often? I have had other success with the pink stuff, but for some reason, not this time. At any rate, I am not planning to use the Trail Rite ointment on his heel bulbs any more.

Pictures of his heel bulbs can be seen at my Flickr account.

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