Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Slow week

This week has been slow horse-wise.

I ordered 4 Easyboot Bare boots for Tanna. Two for the front hooves and two for the back. I also had to order a new gaiter for one of the Epics. After 80 miles, the gaiter got really thin in places and I'm worried about rubbing. While I haven't seen any rubbing yet, I think I will have to replace that gaiter very soon.

The weather has been rainy and cold. So I've been doing some indoors cross-training for me. Since my husband has been home a lot and doing step aerobics takes over the living room, I have been spending some time on my treadmill doing some light running and brisk walking.

I like using my Garmin Forerunner 305 to keep track of my heart rate and to do Advanced Workouts to vary my heart rate and break the workout up into various 2-3 minute sections. Otherwise, I get very bored on the treadmill! I use an MP3 player or a portable DVD player to help combat the boredom, too.

The horses are doing well. I spent a good deal of time brushing Tanna out yesterday. He loves to roll in the mud and get completely caked. Serts was much easier to brush! Tanna also has a better coat than he had last year. I believe this is due to fixing his anemia, but I have no clear evidence of that other than he seems to have the best coat he's grown since I bought him.

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