Saturday, September 23, 2006

Another successful ride

Cave Country Canter (September 23, 24) has been branded a rousing success. No Treatments! No pulls! No lameness, no sprains, no...well, nothing.

Cave Country Canter, a brand new 2-day ride located in southern Indiana just west of Louisville, KY, was cancelled this morning due to extreme weather conditions. Many inches of rain was dropped along with high winds, close cloud-to-ground lightening strikes and even some hail. There was also a Tornado watch for the area. The forecast for Saturday and Saturday night called for more of the same. Ride management wisely decided to call the ride on account of rain and sent everybody home.

To give you an idea of the rainfall. I had taken a 20 gallon tub and put it in my horse's pen for water. I had only filled it with around 6 gallons of water and then Tanna drank some of that. I never got back to filling the tub any further, but by morning, the tub was full! At one point during the night, I walked from our camper to Tanna's pen and was walking in ankle-deep, rushing water.

This morning, after hearing the ride was cancelled, two local would-be riders volunteered to go unmark trail. They came to the first small ditch crossing which had turned into a 3 ft deep creek with rushing water. While they knew they could cross that at that moment, they were concerned about being able to return to camp after more torrential rain fall, so turned back.

I know the ride management spent a lot of time planning this great ride for us and I was really looking forward to riding some new trails. Hopefully, the ride can be rescheduled and if so, I plan to return. Thanks to the Ride Managers, Steve Cummings and Sue Keith, and the Daniel Boone Distance Riders club, the vets, Kevin Sloan and Otis Schmitt, and all the volunteers for putting on this ride. Not your fault the weather didn't cooperate! What a rousing success to have no pulls! ;-)

I was disappointed to not be able to ride, but I'm happy to be back home with a sound, content horse in the pasture. Next try: Alabama Yellowhammer Pioneer

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