Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Easyboot Epics

I have been trying to use Easyboot Epics for my horse, Tanna, while he's been out of metal shoes for a few weeks.

My efforts have met with less than rousing success.

I ordered lots of accessories with my pair of Epics to be sure I had everything on hand that I might need to try to make these boots work for me.

The first thing I did was remove the back strap with the metal teeth and replace that with tapers. In the past I have had issues with the metal teeth and the back strap rubbing, so thought this was a great idea.

My first ride, I tightened the gaiters and went for a 5 mile ride. My horse erupted in scratches. I'm sure it was brewing just below the surface, anyway. The next 5 mile ride I tried to protect with Desitin and vet wrap. This did not go well either. I ended up with some rubs on the sides of Tanna's pasterns. No lameness, but those rubs didn't look nice at all.

I ordered Dr. Bickmore's Gall Salve and treated the rubs and scratches with this twice a day and every other day washed his pasterns with medicated shampoo from my vet.

I tried to do another 5 mile ride with the gall salve instead of Desitin. Still with the rubbing. I tried 2 more 5 mile rides with comfort pads with no better success. In addition, with the comfort pads, I began to see some rubbing at the heel bulbs. This may be because the pads raise the foot a smidge in the boot.

At this point, I am waiting for my farrier to come out next week and reshoe.

I was able to get 5 5-mile rides in, but at this rate, I will never be able to get any serious training in with these boots unless I can avoid the rubbing. Maybe I will try again after my fall competitions.

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