Saturday, August 22, 2015

Gearing up for Fall Season

We've had a fun summer around here since GERA. Lots of good conditioning rides. Bringing Sasha along slowly in the heat. She has fantastic recoveries and a great attitude. Tanna is also doing well. Both horses got adjusted by our local chiropractor vet and feel ready for the fall season.

Lillie has come out to ride a few times and Rinnah even got her turn to ride Sasha on a training ride and trotted a good bit of it. They are super busy kids and we live a good hour away from each other, so they don't get to ride as often as we all would like.

Some random shots from our summer fun.

Training ride with Tanna

Pandora Saddle Trial

Waiting for Lillie for a training ride.

Rinnah riding Sasha

Rinnah and Sasha again. Aren't they cute??

The girls cleaning up after a training ride.

3 of my favorite kids!

Breakfast time at home

Daniel working on clearing the fence line.

Crupper training for Sasha!

Sasha getting shoes.

Sasha getting a pre-ride snack.

Taking temps is a good idea during hot, humid training rides.

Sasha (left) and Tanna in their pasture.

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