Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Playing Catch Up (Again)

Ok, so it's been a long time. I have this thought that every blog post should be insightful and wordy. I should get over that and just keep things simple and quick. Mhmm.

Well, so quickly.

This season has turned out very differently than planned.

I had planned to do Lillie's first 50 this year. Maybe even Rinnah's. Unfortunately, their horse, Rain, was not suitable for us and we returned him to his owner (he was on lease). So the girls have not been able to compete this season.

I had planned to do Snap's first AERC ride(s) this season. Instead, I woke up one day and realized that I am not a horse trainer, I do not play one on TV and I really didn't need to be breaking Snap. So I made a tough decision to sell him. So he is gone.

We are currently evaluating a mare for the new addition to the herd. If we buy her, I will do an intro later. If not, well, then I'm still looking for that perfect horse. I decided that 4 horses was a little much, so we just have the one spot in the pasture.

Tanna has had a decent season. We have completed 3 50s so far this year. We started a 4th one at Biltmore in July. He was rocking right along when he came up lame just before the 2nd vet check. It turned out to be an abscess. So I went from being disappointed to being amazed that Tanna did 29 miles with a brewing abscess. He really does give and give.

Serts is hanging out being a good retiree.

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