Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Different Kind of Riding

This summer, I've been having fun riding...a bicycle. Daniel decided he wanted a bike, so we bought him a bike. I thought it looked like tons of fun, so I followed suit.

This is me all ready to go for a ride. My bike is a 29 inch mountain bike. A Raleigh EVA Sport.

I have been running in Skirt Sports running skirts, so I was thrilled to find a biking skirt on sale not too long ago. The shorts in the biking skirt have some additional padding and the skirt is split up the sides to accommodate sitting on a bike.

My Nike running shoes that were causing blisters during my longer runs have been re-purposed for biking shoes. I replaced the seat early on with a more comfortable seat, added a mirror for safety when riding on the road, and added a water bottle holder.

Daniel installed a Garmin Cadence/Speed sensor for me and I added mounts for my Garmin units. The Forerunner 910xt is a great biking unit as well as a running unit and great for the horses, too. It is one of my favorite units with its long battery life, large memory storage and small form factor that makes it easy to move from the bike to my wrist and back again.

I love my Garmin biking jersey. Very comfortable and stylish. Makes me feel like a real cyclist! :)

However, I probably smash that image with my Tipperary Sportage horse riding helmet. Hey, I figure if it'll protect my head falling off a horse, it'll protect my head coming off a bike. One of these days I might spring for a bike helmet, but for now, the Tipperary works well.

The bike is fun and keeps me active on days when I don't want to run and the horses are resting or it's too hot to ride the horses. It's also a great cross training activity to keep my legs strong by using my muscles in a different way from riding or running.


Unknown said...

Hey April,
Looks like fun! I just have one caveat-bike riders are more likely to hit the front of their heads and horseback riders to hit the back of their heads if they fall, and helmets for each sport are made accordingly. I learned this when I was a therapeutic riding instructor and we had to tell parents why their kids' bike helmets weren't accepted.
Will see you soon on the trails!

Anonymous said...

You look very stylish! I use a recumbent bike indoors when it is too hot but much prefer being outside.

April said...

Jackie, thanks for the thought. I'll look into it.

Anonymous, I've never tried a recumbent bike. Might be fun!