Friday, May 11, 2012

New Saddle Coming

So I posted awhile back that Snap's saddle did not fit, so I didn't ride him for that first ride. Between working insane hours at work and spending my free time conditioning Tanna to reach my goal of becoming a Decade Team at LBL, Snap was left to run in the pasture and mature a bit more.

But, Decade Team accomplished, Tanna in condition so doesn't need as much work, work calmed down some, and now, attention back on the 4 year old!! (Don't worry, Rinnah's in there somewhere, too ;)). So this week, I bought a saddle that hopefully will take care of the saddle fit issues and might be useful in other scenarios, but I get ahead of myself!

I bought a Bob Marshall Sports Saddle, endurance model. I bought a used one so that I can test drive it. If I like it, but want some changes, I might order a new one later on. But I'm impatient and didn't want to order a new one and then wait 2 months for delivery. Hoping to have the saddle by next week sometime.

Fun times.

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