Thursday, September 01, 2011


After all the work Rinnah and I have done to get ready for BSF, our plans were de-railed last week after a trip to the vet with Serts. After a week of battling a puffy fetlock joint on Serts' right hind leg, I consulted with Dr. Jess at Tennessee Equine Hospital. After ultrasound and x-rays to rule out anything floating around, we landed on an infection in his leg due to a cut on his leg.

Treatment included cold-hosing, standing wrap and stalling for 5 days, antibiotics for 10 days and obviously at least 5 days with no work.

Since we only had 2 weeks left before BSF at that point, the decision was made to postpone Rinnah's debut into the world of distance competition. She was understanding. Good kid. :)

I feel this was the best decision for Serts. I've given him 2 weeks off, his wound is closing well and no puffy fetlock joint since we began treatment. Of course, I haven't worked him yet. I am giving him a few more days off, but I will test his leg in the next week or so.

If all goes well, Rinnah and I will resume training after BSF, aiming for a ride in November. The good news is that Serts has never taken a lame step and is perky and happy. Fortunately, horses do not lose conditioning as fast as humans and once his leg is fully healed, we will be able to pick back up conditioning where we left off. Another advantage of the x-rays and ultrasound is that Dr. Jess says his joints and bones look excellent. :-)

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JayaMae said...

Poor Rinnah :(

Hopefully you guys are back on the trail soon!