Sunday, May 16, 2010

Upheaval @ the farm

Well, I haven't posted in awhile. We did make it to Chicken Chase and Serts and Tanna both completed their rides.

A week later, I found Tanna in the pasture with bloody legs, shaking and obviously not doing well at all. Called the vet and they told me to get him there right away.

He had colitis of unknown original. We never did figure out exactly what caused it. All the tests came back negative.

After he sorta stablized from that, we realized he had a neurological issue with his hind end especially and after more tests and waiting, he was diagnosed with EPM.

He got through the colitis and after not eating for 12 days, he finally began eating.

He began having violent outbursts where he threw himself around and injured himself. Luckily, just cuts and bruises but the outbursts were really scary to watch!

Then he came up with a high fever for no apparent reason and he had to be put into a padded, air-conditioned stall to get it under control.

Now, Tanna is home, again, in a small stall with either Serts or Cody in the paddock right next to him to keep him company. He still has 2 1/2 weeks of EPM treatment to go, but thankfully, the violent outbursts seem to have stopped.

So Tanna's endurance season ended a week after it began.

I might do some LDs on Serts later in the season. I also have Cody to get started and Tanna will need lots of rehab this year.


Danielle said...

I was following Tanna's updates through Amigo's page on facebook. Glad to hear he's recovering and improving some. How scary!

All Who Wander said...

Thoughts and prayers for your Tanna. ~E.G.