Wednesday, January 06, 2010

All's Quiet Around Here

Yes, I've been very quiet on my blog. Not much to report. After our lameness pull at Spook Run, I gave Tanna a couple weeks off, then decided to extend that for a good winter layoff. Both horses have been getting fat and sassy. Our first ride of 2010 isn't planned until Chicken Chase in April, so we have plenty of time to be lazy before getting back to work.

My plans for spring training include more tests with the hoof casting tape. I also plan to work with my niece, Rinnah, in preparation for her first LD ride in the fall.

But for now, we're hunkered down in sub-freezing temps here in TN, waiting for warmer weather.

1 comment:

Christine said...

Hello! Yes, it's been a couple months... It's been TOO LONG! What's going on? Are you conditioning, getting ready for any rides?
I look forward to your post. ;)