Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Clearing trail

Earlier this week, I rode Tanna and went up our usual hill and discovered that the house they've been threatening to build for years is finally being started. How dare they mess up my training hill. ;)

So tonight, with a storm looming, I hopped on Serts with my handy dandy brush clippers and headed up into our back 3 wooded acres. The horses have trails all through there, but they're not extremely conducive to riding. I spent an hour clipping small branches, vines and thorns from horseback until I finally ended up with a somewhat acceptable 0.15 mile trail up the back hill. I barely beat the rain back into the house.

Still need to spend some more time out there clipping more trails. And I need to get Daniel to get some larger limbs out of the way, but now I can do some riding back there.

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