Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Training

Spring training is going well. I've been able to get some decent mileage in on Serts and Tanna. Sunday didn't go so well as I was ponying Serts off Tanna. Serts got bored or tired or both and we had a "fun" time getting back home in a decent amount of time.

So on Tuesday, I saddled up Serts and we went out all by ourselves. We did interval work of trotting a mile, then walking for 5 minutes. We did this 5 times. With warm-up and cool-down we got in 7.5 miles. Good enough. Serts was in good spirits. He tends to get bored quite fast. I need to get him out to a trail instead of riding from the house, but it's going to be a couple weeks. I was hoping to take him this coming Sunday, but I have to work Saturday night and will likely not be up to trailering out on Sunday. He will have to just grit his teeth and get through it. I'm still hoping his first LD (limited distance, 25 mile ride) might be at Chicken Chase next month.

My horses are getting older! Serts is now 20 years old and Tanna is 15! Seems hard to believe 8 years have passed since I got them. Tanna is definitely a mature, fun, riding buddy. His personality is very much the same, but he's no longer the flighty creature I brought home! He's still spirited, but much more reliable. Serts has gone through all sorts of changes since I got him, but he, too, is a good horse at a good place. If I can keep his interest, hopefully, he will make a good LD horse.

Last week, Daniel and I took the horses to the vet for their yearly shots, etc. Both horses are in good health. Tanna required dental work this year, but Serts is still good to go.

Neither horse is anemic this year! Yay! Ever since we discovered they were anemic in 2007, they have been getting Mega Dose vitamins along with salt in their meals and they've been good every time we've checked them since. Now the blood work is part of their yearly check-up. It's not expensive and the peace of mind is worth it.

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