Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring is coming!!

Hard to tell right this minute as it's 35 degrees and rainy outside. But earlier this week, the weather was upwards of 70 degrees and very nice for training rides.

After the National Championships last October, I took a long time off from riding to recharge. A couple weeks ago, I began riding more often and training with a purpose.

Our next endurance ride is scheduled for mid-April. Chicken Chase is a tradition. We often start the ride season with this 3 day ride near Henryville, Indiana.

This year, we are taking both horses with us for the duration. So both horses are getting training time. Serts is doing well with his shorter rides and Tanna seemed to have benefited from the time off as he is taking his conditioning rides in stride and asking for more.

I can't wait until the weather turns nice again.


Christine said...

Just wanted to drop in to say "THANK YOU" for posting a few pictures on 'Flicker' of how you have your heart rate monitor wires set up- I just recently got one myself and have been having trouble finding the right spots to place everything- Your pictures make it look easy enough! Again, THANKS!

FjordWoman said...

love your blog, and all that I'm learning about Endurance Riding.
Best of luck to you in your competitions this year!