Friday, February 06, 2009

First Training Ride of 2009

Yes, after weeks of slacking, I finally decided the 55+ degree sunny weather was perfect for a training ride on Sunday, February 1.

Tanna wasn't so sure, as he was sunning himself!

Resting in the warm sun

But I insisted and after awhile, we were saddled, helmeted and ready to ride! (He really wasn't too bad. He seemed eager for training to begin again.)

Ready to ride

We headed down the road for a nice training ride at a relaxing pace.

Off to ride

After 2 hours and 12 miles, we returned. Our communication was slightly off, but it was so nice to have a quiet ride with my buddy.

Back from riding.

Serts was also quite happy to have Tanna return!

Greeting each other after returning from a ride.

This weekend promises more beautiful weather and I'm planning to get some horse time in on Sunday.


EquineMan said...

Well good to be back in the saddle again I am sure!

How long does it normally take you to do a 12 mile loop when you are on the gas?

I could really get into endurance riding due to the bond between horse and rider.

It seems like something I might enjoy will have to do some research.

Surely arabs make the best mounts for this?

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Unknown said...

Hi April,

Really enjoyed your blog. Broke my foot last year--twice--same bone and went through a similar experience getting back in the saddle again but not nearly what you went through with the pins. Wondered if you could give me some feedback on your Specialized saddle. Considering buying one to replace a Bob Marshall endurance that is not working for my Arab. I no longer compete, but still ride 30-50 miles a week and need a saddle that works for me as well as my horse. A friend has been suggesting the Freeform--but the pommel rise is uncomfortable for me... Would appreciate your thoughts on the Specialized or another saddle distance riders are finding work well. Thanks so much! Linda

April said...

Hi, Ron, I really should set my notifications on so I see these comments!

Arabians are quite popular in endurance, but any breed is welcome and many do quite well.

When I'm really moving on a loop, 12 miles still takes me an hour and a half. I am known to take my time and get my money's worth! :) Slow and steady is our game.


April said...

Hi, Linda,

So awful that you broke your foot twice! Ouch!! I hope you're back on and riding!

I really like my Specialized. It was a pain to fit as my husband and I did it ourselves and there was a huge learning curve. However, we are very happy with it and once we got it fit, we haven't yet had to tweak it, but the lovely thing is we can if that becomes necessary!

If you have a friend that has one, try to get a close look at one. The best thing to do is get a demo and make sure the seat, etc is good for you. If so, you can get it to fit your horse by learning to do it yourself or getting a fitter to come do it for you.

I highly recommend them, but they're not "out of the box" saddles for most horses, but there-in lies the power.