Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Not an update

Not much has been going on since the National Championships. Serena and I both recovered well from our surgeries.

Tanna has been running barefoot in the pasture for a couple months. He gets another 5 weeks or so before the shoes go back on.

Serts is shod and happy. I haven't ridden him much. Just a couple rides. So he's fat and sassy.

My ankle is still stiff and I limp some occasionally until my leg gets warmed up. But I do walk on the treadmill and even am doing some basic step aerobics with my ankle brace on. There are little victories almost every week. I'm not running yet, but I hope to be running before too many more weeks. Just depends on when it doesn't hurt!


Unknown said...

wow, I am glad I found your page. Very cool! I would love to ride at Percy Warner with you sometime, but I dont think I could keep up! Just...holler when you come up behind, so we can get out of the way..LOL!

Just got a trailer and vehicle, so if you see an out of shape chick on a little gaited black "piss and vinegar" critter at PW, say "HI"!

Jonna said...

Glad to see your on your way to recovery. Just in time for the upcoming ride season??