Friday, October 31, 2008


Several weeks ago, Daniel noticed a mass on Serena's tummy. I took her into get checked and we decided to have it removed. We scheduled her surgery for the day before mine so I'd be here to keep an eye on her for a couple days after her surgery.

Serena's surgery went well. She was naturally sleepy and groggy when I picked her up Wednesday afternoon and until yesterday morning. She's been pretty good, but she pulled out one of her staples yesterday so Daniel went to get her one of those cone collars.


I put red coat spray on the area to keep it from drying out too much. The vet sent a piece of the tumor off to see if it's cancer. They were only going to do that if they were concerned, so we'll see how that goes.

My surgery was yesterday. My appointed time to get there was 9 AM. We got there at 8:45. It was an hour before they took me back to the hospital ward type room. There were several beds separated by curtains. They wouldn't let Daniel go back with me initially. Not sure why because when I was undressed and in that silly gown, they let him come back for an hour.

Waiting for surgery

When I had to use the restroom, they sent him back to the waiting room. Finally, after another hour, the anesthetist came and gave me something to relax me. I was out in 5 minutes. And that wasn't even the stuff that was supposed to make me sleep. Either that or I just don't remember.

When I woke up, I was in another little cube room. I have a bandage and an ace bandage over that. I'm to leave that on until Sabbath afternoon/evening. Then I can remove the bandage and take a quick shower and put band aids on instead.

Bandage after pin removal surgery

I woke up pretty quickly. They got Daniel, let me get dressed, gave me my after surgery orders and wheeled me out to the truck.

I am to take my pain pills as needed (as long as it's been 6 hours since my last dose). Non-weight bearing until tomorrow. I have a follow-up visit on the 10th and I'm to wear my big boot until then.

The doc took out the long screw he was intending to. There were two other screws that were bothering me, so he pulled those out and another one for good measure. I've attached my pre and post op x-rays so you can see, if you're interested. I still have the plate and 8 pins.


I thought I'd sleep more yesterday, but I didn't. I did sleep well last night. :-)


KSLongrider said...

Its been pretty quiet here for a while. I hope you and Serena are mending well.
Maybe we'll see you guys down at City Slickers.
Merry Christmas.
Barry & Linda Cole.

KSLongrider said...

Oops, no City Slickers this year.