Monday, October 13, 2008

Lazy Monday

Today was a nice lazy day. Nothing really to do but enjoy the day and watch other rigs arrive.

Late in the morning, I saddled Tanna and did a small 2 mile loop. The idea was to check to be sure I had all our tack and to give Tanna a loosening up ride. We mostly walked with a small amount of trotting to check my leg strength.

The weather is still nice. Forecast calls for a cool front to move in Wednesday night to make the high in the 60s for Thursday.

I'm a little nervous, but mostly just happy to be here. I'm resting my leg a lot and doing my physical therapy exercises twice a day.

I spent some time after supper packing my away vet check bag and my camp vet check rubbermaid box. There will be 2 checks away at the same location.

Now time to relax more and try o get some sleep tonight.


Celestial Times said...

Good Luck! Stay Safe and enjoy the ride!

Tevis Stories said...

Best of luck April! We're rooting for you!