Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Day Before

Today has been exciting.

This morning I woke up early and had some quiet time before the day started. Quietly talking to God and listening to my horse munch away on his breakfast.

I ate my quick breakfast while chatting with Paul Sidio, getting his story of pain. He hurt his back earlier this year and is still dealing with that injury.

While still eating and chatting, Cindy Young brought over Guy Buck. I leaped out of my chair to greet him. Tanna was his first shoeing appointment.

I sat in a chair while Guy put new shoes on Tanna, chatting as one does when the farrier is putting shoes on.

Back at the trailer, I put my leg through my physical therapy exercises and then back to the vendors to buy syringes and a few other essentials.

Daniel went to get Tanna for me and I sat on the grass while waiting for the horse scales to be set up. Tanna weighed 810 pounds. Very good weight for him.

My riding buddy, Joe, had arrived late last night. Daniel and I helped eat some birthday cake and celebrate Joe's 60th birthday (today) and Susan K's birthday (tomorrow) with Tamra, Dr. Otis, and Becky.

Then up to the big tent for registration. I received a nice tote full of samples and brochures, as well as a map of the trails and a t-shirt.

I got Tanna out of his pen and walked him for a bit. I had his blood pulled for analysis of our electrolye regime. Throughout the ride, I'll have his blood pulled at other checks. I won't have access to the data until the ride is over, but will be an interesting thing to study later.

Finally, I'm back at the trailer, resting and icing my leg.

Vet in is in 30 minutes. We only have a 60 minute window to vet in.

Dinner is at 6 (EDT) and the ride meeting at 7.

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Tamara Baysinger said...

Go April and Tanna! Can't wait to hear about the ride! :-)