Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Counting down

Today was a busier day than yesterday. I did not rest as much today. I did try to be nice to my leg.

I spent a good deal of time (and money) at the vendors. I picked up a pair of new cool weather riding gloves as well as a new riding helmet for my nieces to wear. A backup pair of regular riding gloves, two chin straps and a pocket crop rounded out my shopping. Not too bad.

After lunch, I took a lovely, warm shower in the back of our trailer. We have a Zodi propane shower that heats the water as it's pumped through it. A hanging shower curtain provided privacy and I stood in a large 20-gallon tub to catch the water and keep my feet off the trailer floor. What a nice luxury at rides.

I also spent a leisurely couple of hours sitting in a chair in the grass, letting Tanna roam at the end of a 30 foot longe line. I opted to do that rather than ride today.

One of my riding buddies, Laura Hayes, showed up early evening and set up her camp just behind ours.

My other riding buddy, Joe Schoech, had truck trouble and won't arrive until later tonight.

Tomorrow will be a busy day with registration, vet in, dinner and the ride meeting.

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