Monday, September 08, 2008

A "real" ride

This is the stirrup we have to be able to fit my large leg brace. After adjusting the length, the black and blue velcro strips were replaced with strong zip ties.

Side Step Safety Stirrup

With Tanna being much more fit than I am at this point, it's a good idea to let him get some energy out before asking him to walk with the cripple.


I'm doing well enough to walk a bit without the crutch. It gets better every day.

End of warm-up

He likes to buck first thing when I get on. Naughty horse. I won. He did not buck.

Tanna being a pain

Despite many, many, many hours and miles of riding with a crupper, Tanna still needs reminding that it's there and it's ok.

Remember the crupper

Finally, he settled down and got to business.

Settling down

When we were both comfortable, we headed out of the round pen for the first time.

Finally, out of the round pen!!


Daniel came along with me on the lawn mower in case there was a problem while I was out and to take pictures.

Grabbing a bite

Tanna was constantly asking to eat grass along the way. You'd think he was starving.


Along the way, passing a neighbor's farm.


I got brave enough to ask for a little canter. Cantering wasn't too bad on my leg. But the few steps of trotting when transitioning back to a walk were pretty painful, so I didn't ask for a canter again. But it sure was fun while it lasted!

A little canter!

It was a beautiful day for a ride.

What a beautiful almost fall day

I liked having these pictures. I don't often have pictures from riding along the road at home. :) I was in some pain at this point on the way back home, but it was bearable.

Headed home


Celestial Times said...

Congratulations on your ride! You look so absolutely happy to be up there.

I have to say I love your blog...

Enjoy riding. Try some vet wrap on your leg...it gives but is pretty tight...for compression.


Alecia said...

Congrats on the ride!!! I bet that feels awesome - your huge grin was enough to let the whole world know your happiness :)