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We got Serena back in 2002 when we moved to our present location. She was about a year old and had lived her entire life in a no-kill shelter. We saw an ad on PetFinder for her sister and her. We were actually more interested in her sister. They were from the same litter, but the sister was smaller.

But the sister was a barker. Very noisy. Wouldn't shut up at all as soon as we got there she started up and wouldn't shut up. The other dogs (there were lots of dogs with the run of a house and a fenced yard...nobody lived in the house...the caretakers lived down the street) would cycle. Some would be barking and then they'd take breaks. But not the sister. I couldn't abide the thought of a dog that barked like that.

But Serena didn't talk at all. Just was quite and watchful. She might have barked a time or two, but not that you could tell.


We chose her. Brought her home and crate trained her. She lived in the house with us for a few months and then we moved her outside.

She loves the horses. Likes to chase 'em. We put a bark collar on her because the only time she barks is when she's trying to rile the horses. I don't mind her running with the horses as long as she doesn't get them scared. My Tanna actually plays with her when she's nice.

Originally uploaded by jdj150.

Originally uploaded by jdj150.

Serena used to come run along-side when I rode Tanna down the street, but one day she got chewed up by a bunch of sharp metal by the road and she doesn't come with me anymore. She stays on the property really well. Loves the horses and the cats and doesn't see a reason to leave.

Serena loves to follow me around whenever I'm out in the pasture. She's a good farm dog.

Serena racing to the house

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