Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Progress Report

Yesterday, I returned to the Middle Tennessee Bone & Joint Clinic for my 6 week follow-up visit.

First up was to remove my cast and boot and go in for x-rays.

Waiting for x-ray

L Ankle X-Ray - Day 45

Thumb x-ray

L Thumb X-Ray - Day 45

Dr. McCall then came and let me know the results. Everything looks good and I'm ready to move to the next phase of my healing.

I was provided with a thumb brace and encouraged to remove it to work the thumb to restore flexibility. So far I can barely touch the side of my second finger with the tip of my thumb. Progress!


New thumb brace!

I am also now able to put weight on my ankle. 50# of pressure to start and I can increase that as long as there is no pain. Obviously, I am still to wear the brace while walking.

Leg brace

I also got the good news that I can attempt the 100 mile ride in October. I am to return to see Dr. McCall about 3 weeks before the 100 to validate progress and possibly get a brace that will fit in my shoe.

Riding is still a bit off, but I will continue working Tanna in the round pen until I am able to ride again.



Timothy D. Lee said...

Glad you're feeling better, sis. Be careful out there!

Celestial Times said...

Wow! You look a lot more comfortable...and I'll be rootin' for you to be able to compete in the 100.

You go girl.