Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 9

Another trip to the doctor. My leg splint was bothering me. My foot kept slipping further into it which put pressure on the top of my foot. So today, I got all new splint sections and new wraps. Feels much better now.

This is the incision after 9 days. There is another smaller incision on the inside of my ankle.

Surgery incision - Day 9

After the doctor, we swung by work and did some paperwork for a medical absence as well as talk to some of my work buddies and my boss.

Finally, we got home and I was able to pet the horses from the truck. We had some carrots to bribe them to stay close. It was the first interaction with Tanna (or Serts) since the accident. I was so happy to be close to them. Tanna looks really good for what he went through. Praise God!!

Serts & Tanna

Here's what I'll be doing for the next weeks to come: Hanging out with my buddy, Miner.

Me Being Lazy

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