Sunday, May 25, 2008

Another Spec Trial

The next test of the Specialized saddle was on Tuesday, May 20. Last Sunday, I was visiting family and didn't have the opportunity to play with the saddle.

After talking with a Spec saddle fitter, I made a few adjustments to the shims on the Specialized.

We cut off a bit on the left rear shim and shifted the shim away from the spine a hair. Then we moved the right rear shim toward the pommel and added a thinner wedge shim perpendicular to the first shim from the back.

As an added bonus, we also cut fuller flat shims to fill in the space by the stirrup leathers. We had the thinner flat shim from our new shim kit. Seems we only got the fat thin shims with the saddle.

Here is the new shim configuration:

Shim Configuration

Here is a picture of Tanna's back.


Here he's all saddled up with just a white flour sack cloth. I've numbered the cloth to be able to compare it to the previous cloth.


After the 17 minute ride (following the same pattern as my other test rides), I saw some sweat on the loins and the shoulder. Seems like bridging to me.


Here's a picture of the dirt pattern from the left side. I've put the cloth on upside-down to better see the pattern.


Here are the white cloths side by side. The one on the left was the first white cloth test. The one on the right is the one from this particular shim set-up.


Have to play around with the shims and try something else.

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