Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Better Fit

I think I've finally got a good fit on Tanna. At least the prelim shows a better fit than I've seen so far.

I set the shims up by removing the rear shims altogether. I left the front shoulder thin wedge shims. I added a 1" wide strip of thin flat shim to the middle of each bar, right up close to the spine. See photo.

A Better Fit Shim Set Up

I went out for my normal trial ride and got the following sweat pattern. Looks pretty good.

A Better Fit: Sweat Pattern

Here is the sweat pattern from the sides. Hard to see in these angles, but the sweat pattern looks very nice.

Left Side:
Left Side Sweat Pattern

Right Side:

The white flour cloth sack pattern is better than the last trial. Today's shim set is on the right. Last pattern is on the left.

Compare White Cloths

I'm pretty happy with the progress. I can't imagine that I won't keep fussing with this (maybe add some shimming behind the shoulder; and a little at the right loin), but I think I can safely saddle up and go for some serious training rides now.

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