Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I have discovered that my Abetta endurance saddle no longer fits Tanna as nicely as it used to. Turns out the saddle is bridging now. Just a bit, but enough to cause a bit of loin soreness after a good training ride.

So on our training ride on Sunday after all the trail work, I tried out my Equipedic pad. I bought this pad a couple years ago, but hadn't ever really used it. Just had it around. The training ride on Sunday was just under 14 miles and I was pleased that Tanna had no loin soreness. So the next step is a 25 mile training ride at a good average speed to see if the pad is enough to make the difference.

Even if the pad will work in the short-term, I have begun wanting a Specialized Saddle. Several of my friends have ordered this saddle and so I have been researching the saddle and Daniel and I are impressed with the concept and the notion that I can change the fit of the saddle as my horse changes. So at some point in the hopefully near future, I will be demoing one of these saddles for myself.

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