Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Winter Settling In

With the change to standard time, I don't get home until after dark. So my riding time is limited to Sundays only if the weather cooperates.

In November, I pulled Tanna's shoes and he runs barefoot now. When I ride him, I put easyboots on to keep his feet protected.

Serts is still shod and I'm enjoying riding him. I've ridden Serts several times for 12.5 miles or so each time and he seems to enjoy the work, too. He trailers pretty well and is happy to ride trails away from the house and really enjoys meeting up with our buddies to ride.

Now we need a trailer that can haul both horses to a ride. I'd like to take Serts and Tanna to Chicken Chase in Indiana in April so Serts can get some casual riding and some camping time.

On my 100 mile prep, my first hundred is being postponed to the National Championships in October 2008. Due to my company reducing my vacation time, I can't afford the time off in March to do FITS and had to make the choice between the NC and FITS. Since NC is at Bill Wilson's (location of Chicken Chase and Spook Run) and that is one of my favorite camp/trail for endurance, it was really no contest.

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