Sunday, October 14, 2007

1000 AERC Endurance Miles!

Last week at the Alabama Yellowhammer Endurance ride, Tanna and I together reached over 1000 endurance miles in AERC-sanctioned events! His easyboot sores were were dried up and though I kept an eye on them throughout the Thursday 55 mile ride, he never took an off step and never had an issue with that. Whoo-hooo!

We are now qualified for the AERC National Championships to be held next October in Henryville, IN, the site of my favorite endurance ride, Chicken Chase. In the AERC, if you and your horse have 1000 miles of competition together, you are qualified to ride either the 50 or the 100 mile Championship ride. We are hoping to ride the 100 mile ride next year.

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