Saturday, September 01, 2007


Friday morning, I went out to feed Tanna and Serts as normal. Tanna did not move toward me as he usually does and when he came to his feed dish, he was really hobbling. I'm not good at spotting lameness, but this was unmistakable; left hind, definitely.

After a trip to Dr. Monty at Tennessee Equine Hospital, I found out that Tanna had an abscess. Dr. Monty cut down as much as he could and then opened it up more with a nail until blood came out. This gives the abscess a place to drain from. Dr. Monty wrapped the hoof in a poultice and sent us home.

Orders: 2 grams of bute on Friday only. No more. Redo the poultice on Sunday and shoe with pads on Tuesday. He said Tanna should be sound at the walk by Sunday and good to go with pads on. The pads are to protect the cut away from dirt and debris.

When I got home, I put a size 6 Old Mac boot on Tanna. His easy boots wouldn't fit over the poultice. I have a pair of Old Mac boots for Serts when he needs them. One of them fit the bill nicely. Tanna is penned in a 50' x 75' paddock which allows him to move around freely, but keeps him close to the house, water and shelter.

Today, Tanna is sound at the walk and trots and canters on his own in his paddock. He moves a little off still at the trot and the canter, but it's entirely possible it's because of the too-big Old Mac boot. Either way, we're going to follow orders to the letter and I'll replace the poultice tomorrow.

As long as his recovery continues at this rate, we'll still head to Big South Fork for an endurance ride next weekend.

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