Tuesday, June 05, 2007

New Jersey, New Helmet


Here is a picture of Tanna and myself going out for a training ride last week.

The helmet is relatively new to me. I've worn it on a few training rides and one 50 mile endurance rider (LBL Express). It is a Tipperary Sportage helmet that I bought from a tack vendor at Chicken Chase this year. While I wanted to wear it at that ride, I waited until my next training ride. Fits me so well!! I love it. My Troxel gave me headaches and my Lexington slid around on my head.

I highly recommend the Tipperary, but I suggest finding a vendor that has one for you to try on as all heads are not built the same.

One thing that I find slightly irritating is that I have to make my pony tail a little looser to get the bulge under the rim of the back of the helmet, but that's ok and I feel safer with a helmet that comes down further.

It does have a tiny little almost non-existent visor, so you might want to add one, but I haven't done it yet.

It's surprising light and comfortable.

And the brightly colored Garmin Jersey is actually a bike jersey, but who's counting, right? I really like it. This was my first ride with it. Tanna was a little concerned about the brilliant color (or maybe it was that new shirt smell??), but got over it quickly. I really like the jersey. It's comfy and it matched a pair of my favorite riding tights! I plan to use it this summer while on those sticky humid training rides.
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