Saturday, December 02, 2006

Tunes on the Trail

On long endurance and training rides by myself, I amuse myself by listening to my Motorola m25 mp3 player. This player is great. It will play WMA (including the protected DRM ones) and MP3. It has bookmarks, so I can find my place again if I'm listening to a sermon or an audio book. It will play playlists or all by artist, genre, album, etc. I can even listen to the radio. Sometimes the reception isn't so nice, but it's a change from mp3s. The m25 also has a Secure Digital (SD) card slot for extra memory.


Recently, I bought a 2 GB SD card for my digital camera and was pleased to find that this card will work in my m25! I loaded 72 Doug Batchelor sermons onto the card to test the m25. This is about 1.6 GB worth. As you can see, the m25 sees all 72.

You can download Doug Batchelor WMA files for free from the Amazing Facts web site.

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