Monday, December 18, 2006

Easyboot Epic Trial #3

This trial involved longevity. Both front hooves were wrapped with vet wrap. Both boots had the comfort strap installed.

I put the boots on at 7 AM and let Tanna hang out in the paddock until time to trailer to Percy Warner park for a ride with friends. We did a 12.5 mile loop in 2 hours 40 minutes.

Then I pulled the boots. He wore the boots for about 7.5 hours. No rubbing at all.

I was disappointed to discover Tanna's gait was still altered by the boots. My friends that rode with me noticed the gait change as well. They said he was paddling behind more than normal which isn't good for his hocks.

The suggestion was to put boots on the hind feet, too. I might be about ready to try that since the fronts seem to be doing well without rubbing. But that means I'll be spending 45-50 MINUTES just putting boots on. Not a happy prospect.

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