Friday, December 01, 2006

Charging the Forerunner 305

When away from my computer and electricity, I still need to charge my Forerunner 305 battery so that it will work on my endurance rides. Sometimes this means I have to charge during a ride between loops.

I use a USB battery extender. Basically, it's a box that hold 4 AA batteries and the other end is a USB "port." You can plug your normal mini USB cable into this and charge almost anything. I use one to charge my Forerunner 305 and have used it on my Foreunner 301 as well, and my blackberry. So just about anything will work.

I also have a 12 volt USB converter. It plugs into the cigarette lighter in my truck and then I can plug my USB cable into that and get it to charge this way, too. I've done that quite a lot, too.

Go to eBay and do a search on "shuffle battery extender". You can find these for about $10-$12 shipped. They're marketed for the Apple IPOD Shuffle and are white. They work great. Make sure they can plug a USB cable (or an IPOD Shuffle) directly into them.

I use mine at my camp and make sure it's in my vet check bag for away checks.

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