Sunday, November 05, 2006

Electroylyte Syringes

During the course of an endurance ride, I give Tanna electrolytes. I used to make up my own syringes with applesauce and Endura Max, but decided that using LyteNow was much easier since I had to give much less volume to get the same effect.

However, I also give Tanna a Fastrack/Neigh-Lox mix that I mix up myself before each endurance ride. These I give to him via a 60 cc syringe. Endurance vendors sell these syringes for $2-3 each. I tend to break mine and lose them, so $2-3 per syringe tends to add up during a season.

I found Mfasco Health as a source for my syringes that, when bought in bulk (over 10), reduces my cost per syringe to $1. (Click the picture to go to the web site.)

They are very smooth and work awesome. The caps even stay on! A little bit of oil or cooking spray on the rubber plunger helps keep them from sticking after a few uses.

I tend to still lose the caps, so I buy red wire connectors and screw those onto the syringe tips after I lose a cap. These are great for taking on trail as there is no leaking!

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