Monday, September 18, 2006

Finally riding!

I am getting back to normal! I was finally able to ride my horse last Thursday. Tanna did very well. I came home from work, but still had to work. So between answering emails, I saddled him up. He ended up standing saddled for about an hour, but I finally was able to steal away from work for 45 minutes to take a ride around the neighborhood.

Tanna was definitely full of himself and a handful. We only did a 5.5 mile ride, but we did get in some good trotting and cantering. On the way home, Tanna was very energetic, so I decided to throw in a steep hill for good measure.

I was very pleased with Tanna and with my response to the riding. I was only in a small amount of pain. I'm sure I'll be very sore after my upcoming endurance ride this Sunday, but I can't wait! LOL.

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