Thursday, September 07, 2006

Candy Treats

This afternoon when I came home, Tanna met me at the gate. After closing the gate I came through, I went and gave him a pat.

Serts is my non-endurance Arabian and Tanna's best bud. Since they are our only two horses, they've bonded pretty well.

Anyway, Serts meanders over to see if I have any treats. I didn't have anything handy, so I dug through my computer bag and came up with a Baskin Robbins hard candy. I offered it to Tanna and he readily ate it and asked for more.

Serts, of course, wanted his share, too. I couldn't find another Baskin Robbins candy, but had a mini fireball jawbreaker, but warned the horses they wouldn't like it. I offered it to Serts first. He promptly spit it out as expected. I picked it up and offered it to Tanna. Well, he thought that was just grand and crunched it up and asked for more.

I burst out laughing. What a funny horse. I didn't have any more, so had to give them each a pat and go on up to the house. But I think I'll get a bag of fireball jawbreakers and see if Tanna really likes them or just was caught up in the moment.

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