Saturday, August 19, 2006

Easyboot stays on!

I called Billy (my farrier) last night and asked him about the chunk coming off Tanna's left hind. He advised me to wrap the foot in duct tape and if I had an Easyboot, still, to throw that on there, too.

So last night I wrapped the foot and put on an Easyboot. I had an extra one laying around. The teeth hadn't been flattened, but I figured it'd be ok since the teeth would likely bite the duct tape and leave the hoof wall alone. Then I turned Tanna out on the front pasture.

This morning, as you can see, I found the boot still on his hoof. I must say, I am shocked! I have never been able to keep a regular (non-Epic) Easyboot on Tanna for longer than about 2 hours. This boot had been on for 12 hours by the time I went out to feed this morning.

The cable arrangment is hard to see in this picture, but both sides go to the outside of the adjustment and the middle groove is used in the buckle itself. When I went to step on this to close it, the buckle twisted a bit. Seems ok, though.

This afternoon, I plan to remove the boot and the duct tape and check for bruises or other damage.

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